Venus, Jupiter and Crescent Moon Conjunction

Well, for a change, the weather did indeed play ball for the morning of the 31st January, and we were treated to a wonderful view of the conjunction.

It was a chilly start to the day – I recorded -6 on the Stewartby village green – but I think it was worth it! I did actually mis-time the event and got up an hour earlier than I needed to, so made sure I was full of hot tea before venturing out!!

Anyway, enough of that… We collected some excellent images from around Bedfordshire, so here they are!

Linton has kindly provided the following, hopefully some of you may find it useful for future imaging challenges:

The photo of the conjunction over Oakley church was taken with a Cannon 600D on a tripod.1/15th sec exposure ISO1600 f4 on the lens. It’s a zoom lens so I can’t tell you the exact focal length used. I just made the church fit!

The light level changes so quickly at dawn or dusk that I take dozens of exposures and then select the best.

I always make certain the brightness of the view screen on the camera is turned down dim. In the darkness your eyes adapt very well and you think things are much brighter than they are. I used to get home and find that my exposures were often too dark when viewed on the computer in normal light. Since I turned the view screen down I get a better range.

If anyone else has an image from the conjunction, please send it in, and we’ll feature it here!