Summer Solstice

We are about to enter the Summer Solstice for 2018!

There are 3 events to watch out for:

  • June 17th – earliest sunrise. In Bedford this is 04:40
  • Just 21st – solstice, at 11:07am
  • June 25th – latest sunset at 21:52
Solstice and sunrise sunset points
Solstice and sunrise sunset points

Sunrise and Sunset

These times are for when the centre-point of the sun crosses the local theoretical horizon. So, this assumes you have a clear, uninterrupted view of the horizon East or West, to see the sunrise or set. Of course, for us in Bedford, there is a lot of terrain in the way, so if you are going to observe (or image) the rise and set, give yourself some extra time!


The sun has now almost completed it’s northerly arc in the sky, and for each day after June 21st, the midday sun will be a little bit lower and our days will be a little bit shorter.

All times are BST