October 3rd Observing Night : Report

Our first clear Wednesday of the new observing season was mild and still. In addition to Saturn, Mars and Neptune we observed a good variety of deep sky objects with the 16″, 18″ and 10″ telescopes. These included:
Planetary Nebulae M57, M27 and NGC 6826 (the Blinking Planetary)
Globular Clusters M13 & M15
Open Clusters NGC 869 & 884 (the double cluster) NGC 7789 (Caroline’s Rose)
Double Stars Albireo and the true binaries Almach and Achird
The group also enjoyed a good pass of the ISS, particularly those that had not seen it before.
The only Galaxy we had time for was M31.
A very pleasant time was had by all who attended.

Linton Guise