New website almost ready!

The last bits of testing on the new website are almost complete now. I have been busy updating following the feedback and comments from you all – many thanks to everyone that took the time to check the site and respond to me.

There are a couple of new bits to bring to your attention:

1.Submit an article.

Now, in the Members area, there are two new pages – one for submitting an article to the site, and one for showing a list of all articles received. So, if you have written something you think others may find useful, send it in and we’ll publish it for you

2.Contact Us page

The Contact Us page has been streamlined so that instead of picking a different icon to contact the Committee, there is a simple drop-down selection box for you to choose depending on the nature of your enquiry. And it’s easier for maintenance purposes, as there is only one form for me to manage instead of 9!

So, the last bit is for me to get the Latest Images transferred over and then I think we are good to go!

Of course, if you spot anything else in the meantime, please let me know!