Mercury Transit – November 11th

On November the 11th – and assuming the weather plays ball – we’ll be treated to a rare celestial event!

The planet Mercury will cross the face of the Sun – an event known as a transit!

BAS will be on hand at the Piazzi Smyth Observatory with specialised solar telescopes to get a view of this event!

At approximately 12:35pm, Mercury will appear to touch the edge of the Solar disk and then slowly make it’s way across the surface of the Sun. It will reach the mid-way point at approx 3:20pm.

Sadly, we won’t see the end of the transit from Bedford as the Sun will have set by this time – but if the weather is clear, we’ll get some great views – and hopefully images – of the event!

Check the Twitter feed before heading up to the Observatory on the day!


Mercury Transiting the Sun
Mercury Transiting the Sun

Never look at the Sun through a telescope or binoculars without the specialised equipment needed! BAS members will be on hand to advise of the correct equipment!