A Very Special Speaker Evening!

Tonight's Speaker: Alan Sturgis

Tonight's Topic: A Voyage of Discovery

Summary: A talk from NASA Aerospace Engineer Alan Sturgis

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Date - 30/06/2021
7:30 pm - 9:30 pm

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The talk this month is presented by Alan Sturgis, an Aerospace Engineer from NASA!

The talk is entitled ‘A Journey of Discovery’.

Alan quotes:

My goals include taking on some really hard but immensely interesting and important problems, such as:

1) bringing the solar system within the economic sphere of influence of the Earth and enabling human settlements off the Earth
2) providing inspiration and education through public outreach
3) helping to move humanity to operate largely from solar/wind/wave energy
4) reducing the number of nuclear weapons in the world to zero

In summary my goals are to explore, inspire, sustain and promote peace.


This should be a very interesting and entertaining talk! You can follow Alan on Twitter @alanksturgis

As per the current conditions, and given Alan is based in Richmond, Virginia, USA, the talk will be via Zoom and details sent  all members ahead of the talk