Find Us

School Plan

Here is an overview of the school plan, and you can see the Observatory and Permberley Avenue marked at the bottom left of the image

Observatory Entrance

Pemberley Avenue is the entrance for the observatory. It is on the right hand side of the Avenue as you turn in from Park Avenue. If you come in via Kimbolton Road, the gate is at the end of the long hedge on your left.

The hedge runs the length of the school playing field. You can park on the road, but please try and park on the same side of the road as the gate!

Burnaby Road

Burnaby Road is off of De Pary’s Avenue and can be used when talks are held in the old theatre.

The Old Theatre

Pass through the gates behind the security office and then turn right. You’ll see the arched gates ahead with the Sports Hall behind

Follow the path alongside the Sports Hall

And here is the entrance to the Sports Hall and Theatre. Go in, down a couple of steps and into the foyer area. The door to the Theatre is to the left of the small kitchenette.

Google Map

Below is an interactive Google Map that you can use to find us, or even get directions from anywhere in the country!
If you choose the SAT view, you will see the school buildings as you zoom in.