New Year Observing

BAS Wednesday observing will recommence on January 2nd at 7:30pm provided the sky is clear. Updates will be posted on the Twitter feed as usual.

Best wishes to all Members and Guests for 2019 and hopefully many clear Wednesday observing sessions!


Monday December 3rd Observing

The weather forecast looks promising for tonight, Monday 3rd December and very poor for Wednesday. The Observatory will be open for observers from 8:30-9:30pm. Please don’t come on site before 8:30pm as we have an adult evening class from 7:00-8:30pm.
Check Twitter for weather updates if uncertain.


Christmas Observing

With a Speaker meeting on November 28th and the BAS Social on December 12th, the last scheduled observing session of 2018 is December 5th if clear. We will start again on Wednesday 2nd January. However, watch out for any special observing opportunities over the holiday period which could take place on any night of the week, depending on the weather. These will be notified by email and Twitter.


November 21st Observing

The forecast shows part clear for this evening. It will be close to full moon, but if it is clear we will do what we can. Please check the Twitter feed for information before travelling.


Membership Renewals – Paypal

Dear all

It seems we experiencing some technical issues with the new PayPal based subscription process, and potentially some confusion when completing the forms. Therefore we have removed this process – hopefully as a temporary measure while we work through the problems and ensure it is fit for purpose.

In the meantime, subscriptions can be done through the more traditional PDF form process.

Kind regards
Darren (Webmaster)

November 14th Observing report

Thin cloud at the start of the evening cleared rapidly leaving us with some splendid views. The Moon and Mars were both on show at the start of the session, but as they slipped low into the southwest we moved on to look at the Ring Nebula, the Cats eye, M15, M82 and M31. Several open clusters were observed M37, the Perseus Double cluster, the Pleiades and the Owl cluster. In all around 20 objects were viewed through the four telescopes that were in operation. Cloud moved in rapidly just as the session finished, so for once the timing was perfect.


November 14th Observing

The weather forecast is promising for Wednesday 14th, if it is clear the Observatory will be open from 7:30-9:00pm. Check the Twitter feed for weather updates on the night, but if you can see the Moon we will be observing.


31st October Meeting

The Voyager Missions : A talk by Dave Eagle 7:30pm Resource Room


24th October : No Observing

A reminder that there will not be an observing session on October 24th. Enjoy the view of the Full Moon from your own location.
The next BAS activity is the talk by Dave Eagle FRAS, founder member of the Society, on the Voyager Missions. This will take place in the Resource Room by the Observatory at 7:30pm on October 31st. Dave will also present the Sky Diary for November.


10th October Observing

A very mild evening but a slightly murky sky. Over 40 members of the Society, School and Guests attended, many for their first time following recent Astronomy courses. Objects viewed included Saturn, Mars, the Andromeda Galaxy, the Ring Nebula, M13 the globular cluster in Hercules and various binary star systems. Perhaps the highlight of the evening was the Perseus double cluster.
Many thanks to all those that helped run the session.

Linton Guise