24th October : No Observing

A reminder that there will not be an observing session on October 24th. Enjoy the view of the Full Moon from your own location.
The next BAS activity is the talk by Dave Eagle FRAS, founder member of the Society, on the Voyager Missions. This will take place in the Resource Room by the Observatory at 7:30pm on October 31st. Dave will also present the Sky Diary for November.


10th October Observing

A very mild evening but a slightly murky sky. Over 40 members of the Society, School and Guests attended, many for their first time following recent Astronomy courses. Objects viewed included Saturn, Mars, the Andromeda Galaxy, the Ring Nebula, M13 the globular cluster in Hercules and various binary star systems. Perhaps the highlight of the evening was the Perseus double cluster.
Many thanks to all those that helped run the session.

Linton Guise


October 3rd Observing Night : Report

Our first clear Wednesday of the new observing season was mild and still. In addition to Saturn, Mars and Neptune we observed a good variety of deep sky objects with the 16″, 18″ and 10″ telescopes. These included:
Planetary Nebulae M57, M27 and NGC 6826 (the Blinking Planetary)
Globular Clusters M13 & M15
Open Clusters NGC 869 & 884 (the double cluster) NGC 7789 (Caroline’s Rose)
Double Stars Albireo and the true binaries Almach and Achird
The group also enjoyed a good pass of the ISS, particularly those that had not seen it before.
The only Galaxy we had time for was M31.
A very pleasant time was had by all who attended.

Linton Guise


October 3rd Observing

Hopefully there will be an observing session this evening 8:00-9:30pm. As usual check the Twitter updates from 6:30pm onwards before travelling.

Linton Guise

Physics Department
Bedford School


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Observing Evenings Restart

Observing on clear Wednesday evenings restarts on the 19th September at 8:00pm. They do not take place on the last Wednesday of the month when instead the Society meets for talks etc.
Full details with weather updates prior to the session are posted on the BAS Twitter feed, and on the front page of the website. Times vary through the year. Details of other special event observing sessions are posted in the same way and circulated to members by email.
Observing evenings only take place if there is a chance of some clear sky at the start of the session, please check the website before travelling any distance if you are uncertain regarding the weather conditions.

Linton Guise


Lunar Eclipse – July 27th

If the weather is favourable, we will open the observatory on 27th for viewing the lunar eclipse – see the link below for full details

Lunar Eclipse

Please note the observatory will be open at 9pm not 8pm as previously stated

Summer Solstice

We are about to enter the Summer Solstice for 2018!

There are 3 events to watch out for:

  • June 17th – earliest sunrise. In Bedford this is 04:40
  • Just 21st – solstice, at 11:07am
  • June 25th – latest sunset at 21:52
Solstice and sunrise sunset points

Solstice and sunrise sunset points

Sunrise and Sunset

These times are for when the centre-point of the sun crosses the local theoretical horizon. So, this assumes you have a clear, uninterrupted view of the horizon East or West, to see the sunrise or set. Of course, for us in Bedford, there is a lot of terrain in the way, so if you are going to observe (or image) the rise and set, give yourself some extra time!


The sun has now almost completed it’s northerly arc in the sky, and for each day after June 21st, the midday sun will be a little bit lower and our days will be a little bit shorter.

All times are BST

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May Meeting

A reminder that Darren Jehan will be talking about the automation of his observatory on Wednesday 30th May in the Observatory resource room at 7:30pm. This will be followed by the Sky Diary for June.


April Speaker Meeting

A reminder that the April Meeting is in the Old Theatre on Wednesday 25th, when Dr John Rogers the BAA Jupiter section director will be giving a talk on the planet. 7:15 for a prompt start at 7:30pm.


BAA Deep Sky Meeting

Many thanks to those BAS members that attended the BAA Deep Sky section Meeting on Sunday and for helping to make the day a huge success.