Author: Linton Guise

Observing 11th September

Provided it is clear the observatory will open at 8:00pm on Wednesday 11th September to observe Jupiter and Saturn. Updates will be on the twitter feed in the early evening. L.J.Guise

April Speaker

An excellent talk by Owen Brazell on Galaxy Clusters and a detailed Sky Diary for May by Peter Hudson. Thank you to both for a very enjoyable evening of Astronomy. L.J.Guise

April 17th Observing

The next and final regular Wednesday observing session of the season will be on Wednesday 17th April 9-10:30pm provided the sky is clear. L.J.Guise

Observing report

An excellent evening on Monday 25th March. Four telescopes in operation in mild still conditions. About 40 people attended, a mixture of BAS members, recent attendees at adult courses held at the Observatory and boys from the school. A range

Monday 25th March : Observing

Conditions look very promising for observing tonight. Twitter updates will start from 6:00pm. This will be the last Observing session before the clocks change and will run from 7:30-9:00pm if clear. L.J.Guise

March Speaker Meeting : Jerry Stone

On Wednesday 27th March we host a talk by Jerry Stone: ‘Woodpecker 2’ is a follow on from the excellent first talk that he presented to us a few years ago on the early years of manned spaceflight. This new

Observing Monday 25th March

>> Wednesday 20th March is full Moon, it’s called the ‘Worm Moon’ if you follow the old farming traditions, earthworms are supposed to start leaving their burrows! It also happens to be the Spring Equinox when the Sun crosses the

Wednesdays in March and April

March 20th : 7:30pm Observing if clear. March 27th : 7:30pm Speaker Meeting : Old Theatre. April 3rd : 8:30pm Possible observing but check Twitter feed and email update. April 10th : 7:30pm AGM and short member talks : Resource

Black Holes : Wednesday 27th February

Dr Colin DeGraf from Cambridge University will be talking about Black Holes to the Society on Wednesday at 7:30pm in the Old Theatre. All are welcome. L.J.Guise

Observing Thursday 21st Feb

We have a visiting school at the Observatory in the first part of the evening but we will stay open for general observing from 7:30pm to when the Moon rises at 8:30pm. All are welcome. L.J.Guise